FELL Marine Mob Wireless Kill Switch Basepack – Grey

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FELL Marine Mob Wireless Kill Switch Basepack – Grey Description

MOB Wireless Kill Switch Basepack – Grey*Requires an xTAG or an xBAND*MOB Wireless Kill Switch is made on your terms. The system consists of an easy to install xHUB mounted in your boat and a wearable xFOB. The two communicates wirelessly with each other. Wear the xFOB as it suits you. MOB Wireless Kill Switch offer a range of wearable options for you to be most comfortable using the system. The xFOB has more than 300 hours of battery life, and is powered by an easy to change standard coin cell battery. The xHUB connects to power (12V-24V) and to your engine stopping system. Intuitive and easy usage through a one-click user interface. Just click the xFOB once when you enter your boat and you are ready to go!TechnologyMOB sets a new standard for wireless kill switches and safety onboard. MOB is developed to provide 100% stability and save you in just one second should you fall over board. WiMEA Protocol is a revolutionizing wireless technology developed specifically for its purpose; to give you as a boat driver freedom and safety. With 100% requirements for robustness and durability, only the most advanced wireless technology does the job. FELL Marine has therefore developed WiMEA Protocol – Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm.Features:One-Click: Click once and you are connected. Up to 300 hours of battery lifeFreedom Onboard – Up to 50′ range. 4D antenna diversity ensures a robust connection. Enjoy higher seas and stronger windsAutomatic Engine Stop – If you fall over board the engine will stop as you hit the waterEasy – Click once to disconnect

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