Mares Wave FF Full Foot Dive Fins

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Mares Wave FF Full Foot Dive Fins Description

Comfort and performance? Tri-material construction? Channel thrust technology? Soft rubber foot pocketThe overall design of the Wave FF is strongly influenced by the development of the blade. Based on our Channel Thrust technology, it envelopes a large volume of water in the central area, which is then propelled out generating thrust with high efficiency. The threematerial construction means that we could select the best possible TPR for the foot pocket and thus obtain the highest comfort, whileapplying materials with the best elastic properties for the blade aiming at reaching the highest performance.Product DetailsCode: 410332Colors: YL, BL, BKSizes: 36/37 � 38/39 40/41 � 42/43 44/45 � 46/47Blade: 36cmWeight: 0.60 KgMaterial: Thermoplastic rubber/ Technopolymers

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