NeoSport Womens Jane 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit

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NeoSport Womens Jane 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit Description

Product Description the SPRINT Jane features exclusive Speed Skin neoprene combined with Ultra Soft Coated Skin neoprene to provide unmatched buoyancy, flexibility and comfort. 5mm Speed Skin neoprene on the chest panel allows for ideal positioning in the water with less surface resistance. A 3mm back panel permits maximum range of motion for efficient stroke performance. Liberal arm openings further enhance swim efficiency, while the arm area is constructed of Nylon laminated neoprene trimmed in soft Lycra, ensuring a comfortable and secure seal to minimize water entry An adjustable collar provides precise fit and minimizes water entry, smooth, narrow contours eliminate neck chafe. NeoSport’s NRG series of triathlon wetsuits feature the company’s proprietary Speed Skin neoprene for a slick, hydrodynamic exterior, as well as Ultra Soft Coated Skin material for flexibility, chafe-free comfort against your skin, and superb buoyancy. Extra-thick, five-millimeter neoprene on the chest panel allows for ideal body position in the water with reduced surface resistance, while a three-millimeter back panel permits optimum range of motion for efficient stroking. Articulated arm openings further enhance swimming efficiency, and the arms themselves are made of nylon-laminated neoprene, trimmed in super-soft Lycra for comfort and minimal water entry. A supple, mid-calf leg opening reduces drag and improves your kicking efficiency, and the wider exit opening reduces irritating heel snag for speedier transition times. An EZ Out zipper stays put in the water, but it easy to locate and open once on land. The adjustable collar ensures a precise fit and minimizes water entry, while its smooth and narrow contours put an end to neck chafe. Glued and sewn seams increase hydrodynamics, meaning the suit will last for year. Warranty NeoSport products include a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. See all Product description

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