VDO M4 Wireless Cycling Computer 2016

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VDO M4 Wireless Cycling Computer 2016 Description

the vdo m4 wireless cycling computer 2016 is a perfect tool for road bike and mtb, thanks to its many functions and dynamism. this model has a display that can be divided into 4 areas. in area 1 displays the current altitude in permanent form, in the area 2 of the display shows the current speed on a permanent basis, a text with the description of the selected function appears in area 3 and area 4 of the display shows the value of the selected function. sensor data transmission is done with wl system: analogue wireless transmission speed. which guarantees a fast and detailed data transmission without wires. to develop this series of devices, the brand has developed an operational structure of simple operation for user, grouping most of the functions the button base. the result is a range of computers which are practical, intuitive, easy to use and offer the renowned quality of the vdo brand, which has many years of experience in this sector. it incorporates numerous standard features, such as a notice of battery low the computer, retention of data when changing the battery, a backlit screen, a start/stop function automatic with sensor movement, a suspended mode, text on screen full in seven languages, different uses of the button according to the function and a simple navigation menu. features: -suitable for road and mtb. -battery type: cr2032. -start/stop automatic: yes. altitude functions: -current altitude. -current slope. -current temperature. -ascent/descent height meter. -maximum altitude. -average slope. -maximum slope. -average decline. -maximum slope. -meters high annual emerging bike 1 / bike 2 / total. -meters high annual emerging bike 1 / bike 2 / total. -maximum altitude bike 1 / bike 2. bike functions: -current speed. -daily tour. -travel time. -average speed. -maximum speed. -partial timer (manual stopwatch only counting during walking). -counter of distance and part-time (count the distance at the part-time)

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