Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Polished Silver, 58mm

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Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Polished Silver, 58mm Description

Color:Polished Sterling Silver Product Description EVERYDAY SUPERHERO Compact enough to fit in your pocket or attach to your keys, the 2¼’ Classic SD is the epitome of a Swiss Army Knife; foldable, versatile and always there when you need it. Featuring 7 popular implements, stainless steel construction and Swiss-Made precision, the Classic SD is the perfect companion for everyone. FEATURES 7 FUNCTIONS: Blade Nail File Screwdriver Scissors Key Ring Tweezers Toothpick CARE TIPS FOR YOUR SWISS ARMY KNIFE The steel is tempered, annealed and polished to achieve the necessary hardness and provide optimum resistance to corrosion. SHARPENING To re-sharpen your knife, use a whetstone at an angle of 15°– 20°. This will result in a cutting angle of 30°– 40°. If sharpening on a grinding wheel, always cool with plenty of water to avoid excessive temperatures and the resulting damages that may occur. CLEANING If the blades of knife begin to stick together, open and close the blades in warm water several times – this will allow the tools to move easily again. Once dry, apply a drop of Swiss Army Knife Oil between each tool and its spring. Do not put Swiss Army Knives in the dishwasher. HISTORY & HERITAGE In 1884, Master Cutler Karl Elsener opened a cutlery shop in Ibach, Switzerland. There, he and his cutlers’ union produced the finest steel cutlery, finished with the now-famous proprietary edge preferred globally by professionals and home cooks. Karl supplied the Swiss Army with its standard issue Soldier’s Knife and Officer’s Knife. After the death of his mother, and with the advent of stainless steel, Karl changed the name of the company to Victorinox. It is from those humble beginnings that a worldwide icon was born. Today, Victorinox is still owned and operated by the Elsener family, and both the company and family still resides in the small village of Ibach, Switzerland. This Victorinox Swiss Army knife–released by the company that introduced the original Swiss Army knife in 1897–features the classic multitool design but with a modern twist. The device includes a knife blade, scissors, tweezers, a toothpick, a nail file with a screwdriver tip, and a key ring, but crosses things up by manufacturing the handle in attractive sterling silver with a white texture rather than the traditional red. The unique handle still contains the timeless Cross and Shield logo, but its fresh design makes it look completely original. The reworked device makes an ideal groomsmen’s gift, keychain accessory, or upscale stocking stuffer. No hiker or camper should leave home without one. All the tools on the SD Classic are made of 100 percent stainless steel, with rust-free aluminum alloy separators that keep the blades moving smoothly. The knife also features brass rivets and bushings that hold the layers together. The SD Classic measures 2-1/4 inches long, and like all Victorinox products, carries a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. About Swiss Army Knives In 1884, Swiss cutler Karl Elsener set up shop in Ibach-Schwyz, installing a waterwheel in Tobelbach Brook to run his grinding and polishing machines. Thus began what would become the international brand name Victorinox, a combination of Victoria, for Elsener’s mother, and ‘inox,’ or stainless steel. Today, Victorinox produces watches, luggage, clothing, and, famously, Swiss Army Knives. The original product dates to 1897, when Elsener patented the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife he supplied to the Swiss Army. Following World War II, American servicemen and women shopping in PX stores shortened the name to Swiss Army Knife, which lives on in English-speaking countries around the world and has become a metaphor for versatility.

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